bears. beets. battlestar galactica (hunkydory) wrote,
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yellow teeth

I want to get my lip pierced, again. Should I?

i don't think that i'll ever forget the way you looked tonight forever in my mind i gave you stolen flowers and you gave me your last cigarette you'll be in my dreams today you showed me your new tattoo showed me all the rest now i can't think of nothing else we said goodnight this morning and i remember the way you kissed and you'll be in my dreams today the bottle emptied and the sun came up and i held your hand and walked you to the rosemont stop i'm counting all the scratches and the bites i'll count the minutes till we'll be together tonight yea we'll be together tonight i'll run my yellow fingers all through your yellow hair my yellow teeth will pull off your underwear those shredded fishnet stockings make me remember the way you fucked and you'll be in my dreams today
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